6 Tips to stimulate your 4 Month Old

How to stimulate your baby once you go back to work

Eye contact from day 1

1 Continue to make eye contact and smile at your baby to help his brain develop.

Talking to your babies

2 Talk to them. Chat on your way to the shops and as you roam the aisles, show them objects and name them as you put them into the trolley. Change the pitch of your voice and speak in a sing-song voice when you spend time together.
■ Sing to capture their interest.
■ If your baby looks the other way, or loses concentration, the baby may be over stimulated or tired. Try something else or just give your baby time to rest.
■ If your home is bilingual, try to make sure that your baby regularly hears both languages spoken, right from birth. Understanding and speaking more than one language will broaden your baby linguistic skills.

3 Read anytime, anywhere and at bedtime
■ Reading to your baby is a lovely way to bond with him, and will help him to develop good language skills in the future.
■ Choose cloth or board books with clear, crisp, large, bright pictures or photos with
bold colors to captivate your baby.
■ You can even read your favorite magazine. Your baby will still enjoy the rhythm of your speech, even though he doesn’t understand the words.
■ Hold him in the crook of your arm and make the sounds of the animals to develop the language and communication skills he’ll need when he’s older.

Life is short spent as much time with your little one as you possibly can.- anonymous

4 Have a bath together or simply enjoy lots of close and loving cuddles.

5 You can stimulate his sense of touch by using a variety of materials for play. Try using fake fur, tissue, felt, velvet and toweling, or look for touchy-feely books with a variety of textures.
Your baby loves your touch. Stroking, carrying, massaging, lifting and rocking your baby may help him to relax and may even increase his alertness and attention span

6 Change his scenery frequently and add different mobiles to his crib. Your baby can
distinguish between shades of the same colour, such as red and orange. He will enjoy
looking at brightly colored mobiles and play gyms now.

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