Growth and Development Combo


Growth and Development Combo

Hello World Look Who’s Growing


Sensory Play Gym Toys & High Contrast Play Gym Toys

LittleME by Little Interiors

Hello World Look Who’s Growing

Hello World: Look Who’s Growing includes milestones that a child needs to achieve at a certain age; top tips on how to stimulate the child; games to play and what to do when development is delayed. This is a reader-friendly book, that aims to expand the knowledge of mothers, fathers, caregivers, grandparents and nursing students. It offers you practical ideas, useful and easy activities to do within a short time you have with your child. We poured our souls into this book: use it often – you will find us there.

Hello World: Look Who’s Growing was written in collaboration with other specialists in the field. Their contributions are valuable and provide different perspectives on growth and development; as well as stimulation of the child from pregnancy, and birth until 5 years of age.

Sensory Play Gym Toys & High Contrast Play Gym Toys by LittleME by Little Interiors

  1. Bell Dangle
  2. FLAT Mirror Dangle
  3. Sensory “Octo” Play gym Toy
  4. High contrast FLAT Dangle

Your baby’s visual sense is one of the last senses to fully develop, after birth. When the brain receives input from all the different senses, the brain’s nerve cells multiply and form new connections with other nerve cells. High contrasting colours provide stronger signals to the optic nerves allowing for faster brain growth and visual development. Our product range includes sensory stimulation aids for visual, auditory and tactile stimulation which in turn enhances natural curiosity, increases concentration, develops fine motor skills and can also be used as a language development tool and overall brain development.


Weight 1.2 g
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 5 cm


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