Tips to assist your Pregnant Wife during pregnancy

Tips for Dads

  • You probably are thrilled by the expanding cleavage; but sadly, many women experience sore breasts during pregnancy. It may be merely sensitive and tender, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, or may be experienced as agonising. Either way, if you do not pay attention, all romantic encounters may be hampered.
  • Impress your beloved by gentle touching and enquire if she experiences discomfort. She will be so surprised, she may reward you later in the second trimester for your patience when the discomfort eases to a more manageable level or disappears altogether.
  • Invite her to a lingerie shop – and if she shows reluctance, tell her your motive: it is to measure her for the correct bra size, not for the sexy underwear [wink-wink]. A correct size feeding bra will give her support and comfort.
  • Don’t show disappointment when she opts for a cotton-type [passion-killer] bra to sleep with. Some women feel more comfortable wearing a feeding bra at night as well.
  • Be patient while she is in the fitting room and try not to stare at the other delightful items. Try to smile when you pay for the most expensive bra – your friends will be astounded by the newly-found assets.
  • Impress her with your knowledge on breast pads when she starts leaking colostrum. It should contain gel to absorb the moisture and the name tags come off to reveal a sticky part which prevents it from moving around and chaffing the nipples.
  • Advise her to air-dry her breasts after taking a shower and try not to drool or stare. Sunbathing for a few minutes at a time is good too, but mind the neighbours.
  • Run the bath for her [you might be able to sneak a peek]; ensure the bath water is warm enough and give her the neutral soap you brought to prevent the nipples and areolas from drying out.
  • You can also consider giving a gentle back massage to reduce discomfort and backache.

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